About a year ago I was toying with the idea of digging into UX. I'd been studying some Graphic Design and it was fun as hell, but it wasn't quite scratching my cognitive itch. I enjoy trying to understand how something works, how people react, what drives someone to perform a particular action. People are odd, it's great fun to watch them.

But I was out here, on my own, forging my own path towards learning.

I see a lot of people sharing videos of, "How I broke into UX" and the first two minutes are where someone was in their life, and then their problem was solved by handing over $10,000 to a Bootcamp or something. Which is bullshit for people who don't have a spare 10k.

I do not think that this is helpful for beginners.

Today I'm dropping 5 different channels that I wish someone had handed to me at the beginning of my journey. 

1. AJ & Smart

These guys are great. Their videos are upbeat, positive and informative.

AJ & Smart have been working with top companies around the world to improve User Experiences since 2011. Innovation is the name of the game and this lot know how to make it happen. They were early adopters of the Sprint method, which has accelerated their ability to innovate and provide education on how a big company can do it too. 

This video is great because it breaks down a way to learn more about UX, and a learning path is one that I want to be on.


As mentioned AJ & Smart don't just do UX, they are known for their Design Thinking workshops and education around the Sprint Method.

Check this video on Design Thinking, and do yourself a favour and read Sprint by Jake Knapp https://www.thesprintbook.com/

2. Career Foundry

Now, these guys run Design Bootcamps, I'm not saying that you should sign up for one (I never did) but they have some great resources online for someone who wants to learn more about UX, what it is and how to take their first steps.

The information is easy to watch and explains basic concepts clearly.


Dig deeper into their content and you'll find some great content in other areas, want an intro to data analytics? they've got it.

I'll drop this UI vs UX design as it's almost required that I do so. But it is important for someone who is just beginning their journey to begin thinking about this

3. Just type Don Norman into Youtube.

I get it. We've read the books, seen the quotes. But as a beginner, I had no clue who this bloke was and why I should care. Check this video with Vox media (who, as we all know make amazing content) and Roman Mars from 99pi (A bloody excellent podcast about design, you'll be hooked to that voice in no time).

Then check this one

He is an amazing speaker and it's inspirational to watch him speak.


Read one of his books! The Design of Everyday Things is required reading, Emotional Design is also a fantastic read.

4. Nielsen Norman Group (NNg)

So you're out there, trying your hand at Design, playing around and learning.

But you need a little refresher on how to do User Research, why should I do it?

Well, who better to ask than the folks at NNg, a consulting firm that focuses on User Experience and improving the way that humans interact with technology. They're a big deal.

Now, the videos here range from what is (something) to videos that are aimed towards more seasoned practitioners. But what we get here isn't flashy tutorials of Figma and how to animate buttons. The information here is much more focused on the field of UX and I think that it is important to understand and learn more about it.


Check their podcast https://www.nngroup.com/podcast/

It's a bit more advanced, but sometimes I like to drop into a topic that is more advanced than my level to break my mind a little. 

5. VAexperience

Now, this is a new one for me, but I'm finding his content refreshing.

This one here will give you some great tips on why your portfolio isn't working. Vy's style is a little brasher than some of the others, but as a hiring manager, he knows what he is talking about.


He recently wrote a book that can be found here called Get into UX. It's all about breaking into the field. Worth it.


It's 5 bucks on Kindle. That's like, the price of coffee in Melbourne. Why wouldn't you?!


You made it to the bottom of the page.


That's right, you get a bonus for that.

Check this video about IDEO and their design process, this is the good stuff that lights up my mind like a firework. LOOK HOW MUCH FUN THEY'RE HAVING!

 I hope that this content was helpful, and now that you've been watching, it's time to be doing the designing.

Get out there and make good!